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Are you looking for a simple and effective way to manage all of your domains at a reasonable price? Or perhaps, you may be considering a better domain provider and want to combine your online properties? We are here to help!

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Domain Transfer Features

  • Automatic Transfers

Our domain transfer process is quick and computerized. You will get a seamless domain transfer that is entirely risk-free.

  • On-Demand Auctions

Looking for a great brandable expired domain? With on-demand auctions, you can get an expired domain name.

Domain Transfer FAQs

A domain name transfer can be done at any time. As per ICANN rules, domain transfers can be done only after or before 60 days of registration. This rule is not applicable for .au domains.
The average time taken for a domain transfer is from five to seven days, depending upon the extension.

To transfer your domain name, perform the below steps with your current registrar:

  1. Get the domain name unlocked.
  2. Receive an authorization Code or transfer key.
  3. Authenticate the contact information of the administrator (all transfer process communication will be sent to the registrant contact’s email, so this step is essential)
  4. Get any protected or private registration canceled.

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