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Increase Website Traffic with Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization SEO ImageDo you want to be on Google’s first page? We can help you get there!

Today, just about every person is browsing the search engines to find legitimate answers to their questions. As digital marketers, we need to address their questions by providing strategic answers, which will turn today’s website visitors into tomorrow’s customer.

But, how do you get the website traffic you need without spending a fortune in a paid advertising campaign? Well, the answer is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

But, why is it so important to make sure your website is search engine optimized?

  • 60,000+ organic searches are happening every second

  • 72% of people searching on Google never go beyond the first page

  • 60%+ of users conduct online research before choosing a product or service

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Our Approach to SEO

Securing and maintaining the top spot in the search engines can be challenging. At Website Dev Co, we will be your support in making this possible.

Our skilled SEO professionals understand how Google’s algorithm works, and the content will be carefully crafted with right set of keywords, title, description, and header tags. Our team has dedicated writers to produce SEO optimized content that search engines love.

Remember, a winning SEO strategy is not a one-time gig. It’s an ongoing, evolving process based on resilience and consistent effort. There are no shortcuts, and people who try to manipulate the search engines will likely fail or get penalized. That is why we use only white hat SEO techniques, 100% approved by Google Webmasters SEO Guide.

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    More on SEO Strategy

    One of the major success factors of SEO is link-building with high Domain Authority (DA) referring websites. It involves article submission, blog commenting, directory submission, forum submission, and many more related tasks. All of the listed SEO strategies will help your site become an authority in your niche.

    In search engines, websites with meaningful, unique, and engaging content come out on the first page ahead of their competitors. Keywords, originality, and content relevance is absolutely critical.

    A focused goal-based approach will be created using On-Page and Off-Page SEO strategies.

    In addition, a dedicated digital marketing professional will partner with you to fully understand your niche. He or she will collaborate to find the right long-tail keywords for your business that will reach as many people as possible and attract highly targeted website visitors who are more likely to contact your business or organization for your product or service.

    Our SEO Services

    • On-Page Optimization

    On-Page Optimization is the fundamental of SEO strategy. Our SEO professionals will help streamline your website content by writing SEO optimized content. Blog post titles, meta descriptions, header tags will be added. They will rewrite URL with long tail keywords to ensure higher rankings. XML and HTML sitemaps will be added for easy site navigation.

    • Content Strategy

    Creating content that people read and forget won’t let you book a spot on Google’s first page. It should solve a reader’s problem or add value to their life. A regular, planned editorial calendar, addressing all categories of the product or service will be created. An omni-channel content strategy including blog posts, infographics, videos, podcasts will be planned.

    • SEO Strategy

    Our SEO experts will perform an in-depth review of your website. They will collaborate with you to understand your expectations from the site. Now a customized SEO strategy will be prepared. A planned approach will help you achieve your customer acquisition and revenue goals.

    • Local SEO

    If your customer is around the corner, we will position your company in front of them. We will set up Google Maps to optimize local searches. Your website will be submitted in local search engines and online company directories.

    • Technical SEO

    A thorough technical analysis of your website forms part of your website’s marketing success. Detailed backlink analysis and page speed optimization in mobile and desktop versions will be done. Other aspects like schema mark-ups, rich snippet and platform migration like PHP to HTML will be performed. Image optimization, sub-domain creation will be done.

    • SEO Analytics

    Analytics and Search Consoles are the backbones of any SEO strategy. Our SEO professionals will create a Google Analytics account for your website. We will also submit the website’s sitemap to Google Search Console, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex. SEO Analytics will help you gain insights to help plan SEO strategies better.

    • Site Structure

    Having an easily navigable structure of your website is essential. Websites with a user-friendly navigation and easy to use interface are ranked higher. We will help you do that.

    • Link Building

    Link building is a significant part of On-Page and Off-Page SEO. Your search engine ranking depends on the internal linkages of content. Image optimization and link building with other high DA websites can help. We will help you do this consistently that will elevate your search engine rankings.

    • User Experience

    The users or visitors should have an impressive experience while navigating your website. The simple yet powerful components of UX are interactive design, ease of use, correct wire-framing, smart visual design and robust information architecture.

    • Buzz Creation

    Creating a much-needed buzz will have a strong impact on your business. it enhances your online visibility and enhances Google rankings. Blog commenting, guest blogging in leading online media channels is done.

    • Social Proof

    Today, if SEO is king, social proof is queen. Positive customer reviews can be a real game changer when you are in local business. A positive user review posted online adds to your business’s reputation. Today, more than 60% of people search for information online. It shows that social proof is key to building your business.

    Dominate your competition with process-driven SEO!

    We will run targeted keyword-based SEO campaigns to grow the right kind of traffic. If you have a new website or an established one, we can help you get in front of right viewers to achieve a positive ROI. Experience the power of SEO for your business or organization and leave your competitors in the dust.

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