Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Capture a Lion’s Share of Your Target Market’s Website Traffic with PPC

Pay Per Click Marketing PPC ImageDo you know that 98% of online users never look beyond Page 1 on Google?

Paid advertising is an integral part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It includes promoting video and written content of the websites landing pages, and is focused to drastically increase website traffic and search engine visibility.

To secure your position on the first page of Google, you may need an AdWords expert, and Website Dev Co is a Google certified partner. We are skilled in planning and implementing conversion-oriented Google Ads campaigns. Our experts will use PPC best practices to ensure that you get more clicks and conversions on the landing pages of the website, with the goal of lowering your cost per acquisition and overall spend over time.

PPC advertising is primarily done on Google search, display, and video networks. Our PPC team partners with businesses and organizations to run targeted “Paid Search” campaigns. Each one of them is done in a set timeline with performance tracked with analytics.

We make sure to create and test strategies based on the latest of Google’s algorithms. To make this possible, we are always updated on all changes in its algorithms. Our primary focus is to achieve the targeted ROI for your business or organization by using the latest PPC techniques.

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Why Do I Need PPC?

If you want more traffic to your website, which leads to more conversions and ultimately more sales, PPC is a proven method to help you achieve these objectives.

In 2019, more than 97% of internet users do an online search before they buy anything. They look for options and social proof online before making their purchase decision.

Our Google Ads professionals will make sure that your website is on the first page using advanced bidding strategies. Only then can it get the most exposure possible.

In a recent survey, more than 75% of internet users shared that they found paid ads helpful. If your target market is ready and available on the internet, it is time to use PPC to get more visitors. These visitors can eventually become leads and then customers of your business.

For increased business revenues, many companies are using PPC, is now the right time for you?

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    Our PPC Process

    Website Dev Co recommends businesses use PPC in a planned and strategic manner. We suggest starting with a fixed budget, low bid amount, and having a clear goal for starting with PPC. It is crucial that the objective is defined clearly to avoid wasted spending, effort, and time.

    All PPC strategies are designed based on in-depth data analysis and competitor research. They are further optimized after observing the sales funnel activities. We analyze and structure your PPC campaigns based on the following questions:

    • Would PPC advertising benefit your business or organization?

    • What are the profitable keywords targeted by your potential customers?

    • What are the profitable keywords targeted by your competitors?

    • What does it cost to secure the top spot for those keywords?

    • Will PPC advertising yield a positive ROI for your business or organization?

    • For how long are you wanting to run your Google Ads?

    • What is your Google Ads budget each day or month?

    PPC Campaigns & Landing Pages

    • Pay Per Click Campaigns

    Our professionals constantly monitor the evolution of PPC marketing and make sure that our clients benefit. Our ROI focused approach has helped our customers to get sustained results. It gives us immense pleasure to see the growth and prosperity of our clients.

    The leading search engines are continuously increasing click-through rates. In this dynamic industry, it’s imperative to set a focused goal based PPC campaigns for driving the desired results. We strive to position ourselves as the benchmark in the Google Ads, PPC, and Search Engine Marketing industry in Indianapolis.

    Your advertising resources and budget are optimally utilized to enhance returns. We will partner with you to run a winning PPC campaign with the best return on investment.

    • Landing Page Optimization

    We make sure that every landing page used in a PPC campaign is rich and optimized for the end user, by providing valuable and relevant information. When the landing page is well optimized, Google will deem it of higher quality, which can in turn lower your cost per click and increase visibility.

    However, if a landing page is poorly crafted, it can adversely affect your brand and ROI. Not only will you risk disappointing your prospects, but it can also negative affect your sales funnel.

    Our goal is to develop conversion-focused landing pages, which showcases your unique value proposition. All our lead generation strategies are designed based on highly optimized landing pages and conversion best practices.

    Dominate your competition with pay-per-click advertising!

    Website Dev Co has evolved to be a client-focused search engine marketing company, with many years of experience working with PPC in a variety of industries. We are well known for being aware and updated for all new happenings in the paid advertising domain, and offer the following services:

    • Optimization of landing pages

    • Call tracking and recording

    • Geo-targeted PPC campaigns

    • PPC campaign management

    • PPC ads creation and tracking

    • Time-based paid search campaigns

    • Focused social media campaigns on Facebook & Instagram

    • Bing and Yahoo ads management

    • YouTube video ads campaigns

    • Display ads creation and management

    • E-commerce ads management

    • Local advertising campaigns on Nextdoor

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