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Create a Buzz Using Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing SMM ImageThere is one new medium that helps drive visitors, keeps them engaged, and also promotes your brand all at the same time. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and many other social networks have become an integral part of our daily life, and no one disputes that social media marketing is here to stay.

Per Statista, Facebook alone had more than 2.32 billion users worldwide in 2018. From celebrities to next door neighbor, everybody spends hours tweeting, posting, and sharing with their friends and family. These platforms have become powerful growth drivers for businesses, organizations, non-profits, and more. If your organization is not on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. then you could be missing out!

A business with zero or little social presence doesn’t register in the mind of modern customers. Your business has to be present where the customers are present. If your target market spends 4 hours a day on these platforms, you need to be there too.

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Why Choose Us for SMM?

Creating a unique and engaging social media strategy can be challenging and time consuming for many businesses and organizations.

Our social media experts collaborate with you to develop a customized social media campaign aimed at increasing buzz around your product or service with the ultimate goal of getting new customers, clients, sales, and more.

The credibility of a brand is partially defined by its online presence, and if a brand is savvy about its use of social media, the efforts can pay great dividends.

We have deep social media expertise which enables us to craft engaging social media marketing strategies for your business or organization. If you want a conversion-oriented campaign with the goal of achieving a positive ROI, get in touch with us today!

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    Which SMM Plan is Best for You?

    • Organic Social Media Marketing

    An organic social media strategy helps you to build an active and vocal community around your brand. It has high audience engagement and connects with the optimal demographics for your business or organization. Our social media professionals review the following key parameters to achieve a successful organic SMM campaign:

    • Optimization of social media channels
    • Creation of keyword optimized content
    • Regular posting in social networks
    • Hashtag outreach by in-depth research
    • Build a strong following of brand advocates.
    • Paid Social Media Ads

    Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great platforms to launch paid social ad campaigns. These highly targeted efforts extend your reach to the right audiences, and provide fast-track growth of your fan following. Our social media strategists adopt the following paths to expand your customer base by paid social ads:

    • Analysis of audience demography
    • Ad design and content optimization
    • A/B testing of ad copy and images
    • Constant ad and bid optimization
    • ROI focused results and reporting

    Our focus remains to deploy goal based social media tactics to generate a long-term value proposition in your message. We don’t create a post for the sake of it. Our every step has a strategy, each strategy has a goal, and every goal is aimed towards the best outcome.

    We firmly believe that social media success is driven by the right combination of organic marketing campaigns and paid ads on social media networks. Our SMM team is Facebook Blueprint certified and are capable of achieving the lowest cost per conversion.

    Primary Goals of SMM

    • Attract Your Ideal Audience

    What is your ideal target market? How can SMM help you attract your desired audience?

    Analyzing the customers’ behavior in social media channels will help you understand them better, and once you understand their behavioral pattern online, you can easily attract them by goal-based SMM strategy that specifically caters to their needs and wants. In addition, most social media channels allow for very specific demographic targeting, which helps you get in front of your desired customer or client based on age, sex, interests, location, and more.

    • Engage Your Audience

    The formula for success on social media is to consistently engage your customers in order to stay top of mind for your product or service. By creating a content schedule and posting timely, relevant blog snippets, images, answers to questions, etc., you are appealing to their interests and constantly engaging them online.

    Our social media team will help differentiate your brand and engage your ideal customer or client.

    • Nurture Your Audience

    Nurturing your audience has become more challenging than ever. With so many social channels, a complex algorithm and overwhelming exposure, it’s becoming difficult for business owners to manage all social media platforms.

    Our social media service is customized to exercise complete control of your communication across different social media networks. We design our social media campaigns as per your unique business challenges and time-based goals.

    • Implement the 5:3:2 Rule

    An effective, time-tested SMM strategy to implement for your business or organization is known as the “5:3:2 Rule“.

    • 5:10 posts should be curated from outside sources and contain hyper relevant information for your audience.
    • 3:10 posts should be original content you create via your blog, guest posting, etc.
    • 2:10 posts should be created to be fun, light-hearted, and show off your personality.

    We analyze every business model, its purpose, offerings, and time horizon. After in-depth research, we structure social media marketing strategies for our clients. We think from the client’s perspective, understand the possible gaps in messaging, and come up with SMM solutions.

    We are very active in social media, and our continuous engagement with the present and past customers is to create and establish a well-known brand. We have always kept our SMM pricing flexible, based on the needs of our clients.

    Dominate your competition with highly-targeted SMM!

    Every business model is unique in its offerings and dynamics. Website Dev Co’s social media marketing professionals will plan and implement a personalized strategy as per your budget and targeted goals. They may include the following objectives in the plan:

    • Social Tracking & Moderating

    • Content Creation

    • Content Curation

    • Brand Reputation Management

    • Paid SMM Advertising

    • Responding to Comments & Questions

    • Customer Loyalty Programs

    • Audience Polls & Contests

    • Givaways & Sweepstakes

    • Social Media Outreach

    • Marketing Funnel Creation

    • Acquire Customer Reviews

    Question about our SMM services? Contact us today!