Website Security

Protect Your Website from Malware & Hackers Using Website Security Products.

Safeguard your websites and users to protect your business or organization from all online threats.

Order any of the Website Security packages below and get free, 24/7 technical support by phone at (480) 624-2500.

Website Security

Service Price
Express (Details) $299.99 / yr
Essential (Details) $6.99 / mo
Deluxe (Details) $19.99 / mo

Website Backup

Service Price
5 GB (Details) $299.99 / yr
25 GB (Details) $6.99 / mo
50 GB (Details) $19.99 / mo

Signing Certificates

Service Price
Code Signing Certificate (Details) $199.99 / yr
Driver Signing Certificate (Details) $199.99 / yr

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    Why Choose Website Security?

    Website Security IllustrationAre you aware that more than 30,000 websites are hacked everyday? Don’t let your site be one of them. If you wait till the website gets hacked and then blacklisted, it may take a dramatic hit in search rankings and lose tons of potential customers. To avoid such a situation, it is vital that you act fast.

    Whether you have a simple startup blog or a large enterprise portal, it needs website protection. Protecting your website from malware, hackers, and enhancing its backup abilities are key for it to survive and thrive.

    Our hosting platform can take care of your site’s security, so you concentrate on your core business. We offer professional and reliable website security services so that we can be your trusted digital security partner to make your websites safe and secure.

    Anytime you perform a transaction on your site, you are dealing with confidential customer data that has to be protected from viruses, malware, hackers, and spyware. Take proactive action to protect all your customer data with website security services.

    In these services, your website is thoroughly scanned for any loopholes or vulnerabilities that malware can take advantage of. Once detected, they are systematically removed, and the entire site is cleaned.

    If you have any questions deciding which product(s) to choose, call our hosting experts 24/7 at (480) 505-8857.

    Main Features of Website Security

    • Malware Scan, Detection, and Removal

    It is essential to scan your site daily for early detection of any irregularities. The website scanning should be done both at the front end and server level to protect valuable resources from possible online threats.

    • Google Blacklist Monitoring and Removal

    Your site should always comply with Google’s algorithm for smooth functioning. If at any time it gets blacklisted by Google, you should immediately notify us to get your website removed from Google’s blacklist.

    • Firewall Protection

    Malware should be stopped at the onset before it can infect your site. Here er install a secure firewall to intercept and inspect the incoming data and instantly remove any suspicious or malicious code.